Friday, 24 June 2011

A [?]Postdigital Encounter with PostDigital Encounters

'Bus-lagged' and in a new time zone (I'd thought it was 7 hours apart, but fortunately thought to ask Charlotte the time at 1 in the morning, and when she replied 9am I knew I'd got something wrong!). So not much sleep, several pages of drawings, a new film with an interview of a rather special kind, and a 46 page powerpoint sent and resent by Pando to my own magical creature helper in the form of Charlotte on mouse control over at the Watershed's Cinema 3, and we did it! Without more than a couple of soundless moments (or four).

My presentation ‘Treasuring Media: Geo Art Cache and User Participation’
is online at the Postdigi website, along with loads of interesting stuff from the other presenters. As I'm in the habit of recording my skype calls (for Clean), there's a recording of the live thing too, so you can (almost) follow slide by slide as Charlotte did - extending the encounter to another time and place. I'd be glad to hear how it works? Play the Audio Boo and watch away! Oh, and don't forget to send in a colour grid with the cache key you receive (in the presentation) and quote that cache key with your grid. When enough grids have come in the creature will respond and the same cache key will unlock new treasure on the website.. Until then, it's over to you from me (and MC).

[Hey.. when's blogger going to enable bi-location for blog post ids?]

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